Maurice was reported to the SPCA in mid June 2014, he had been spotted wandering way out in the bush and when he was finally captured he was seen to have horrific injuries. 
His previous owners had put a collar on him as a puppy and never removed it and as he had grown the collar had grown into his neck. Maurice was rushed to the vets and had an emergency operation to remove the collar which left him with an horrific welt around his neck.

The very next day he was bouncing round his pen like a puppy, the relief to get rid of the pain was more than obvious. 
The SPCA at this stage tried to find the owners of Maurice so they could prosecute them for obvious ill treatment, but unfortunately they could not locate them. Maurice's neck still needed a lot of attention and every day he patiently stood and never flinched when cream was applied to his wound to keep it free from infection. He had a couple more visits to the vet to check on his recovery and despite a couple of raw patches his neck soon began to heal over. When the vets gave him the all clear honey was applied daily by the animal attendant and soon enough the injury was repaired.

Maurice had, by necessity, been kept away from the other dogs for fear of further damage to his neck, but finally he was allowed out in the play area, and was soon thoroughly enjoying a rough and tumble with the other dogs.

About 8 weeks after being found he was chosen by a family and after the all clear, was taken to his new forever home. A tear was in everyone's eyes when he left as he had become a real favourite of the team of workers and volunteers at the centre. An extremely happy ending to a very sad story.

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