Scully was found way out in a forested area, miles from anywhere in June 2014. Luckily for her a family were out looking for their own lost dog and found her. She was picked up by animal control and they kept her for over a week and passed her on to the SPCA as they felt she was worthy of giving a second chance.
Scully's behaviour was very strange to begin with, she did not want to get up and move around and after a visit to the vet for a health check it was soon obvious why. She had bad teeth which must have been giving her severe pain. An appointment was made for her bad teeth to be removed and she was duly carried to the van, driven to the vets and carried into the vets, no mean feat for a dog weighing about 25kg. After her operation she was carried out to the van and returned to the SPCA for her recuperation. The very next day she was up on her feet and it was a real joy to see her free from pain and beginning to enjoy life again.
Being an older dog she was overlooked by many would be adopters, but the SPCA were confident that the right people would eventually come along, and in mid August a family walked in the door, their request was an older quiet dog to be a companion to a young teenager. Scully was introduced and they wanted to take her home there and then, which unfortunately was not possible as a property check had to be done to make sure that Scully would not wander off and get lost again.
After a couple of days and the property check was given the thumbs up, Scully walked out of the SPCA with her new family and was immediately surrounded by lots of love and attention.

The following is an email we received the other day which says it all:
Hi Guys,
Scully has really made herself at home right from day one. She is an inside dog and loves it, and knows when she has been naughty i.e. Sneaking onto the couch when she thinks we are not looking LOL.
She never barked until yesterday when my husband left the Ute at bottom of drive instead of driving onto the property and saying that it was just a very low gruff. Today she barked twice when a sheep and lamb walked past.
We bonded from day one which is just brilliant and she is out and about most days.
We think she was a pig dog as she loves being in our Forestry block
She is just wonderful .
You folk do a wonderful job. Keep up the good work.

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