Stray Cat Advice

If there is a cat that has been hanging around your home and it doesn’t appear to be sick or injured please do the following before bringing him/her to our Animal Centre:

  • Please do NOT feed it, and don't encourage it to stay around.
  • Walk around your area and ask neighbours if they know where the cat has come from.
  • Go to - this is free to use.
  • Register the animal as found, you can take a photo and post it on this page along with any other details. Check the Lost pets section for any animal reported missing that resembles the animal you have found.
  • and distribute it in your local area.
  • Place an advert in your local newspaper.
  • Contact other animal welfare organisations, (e.g. Cats Protection League) to see if the animal has been reported missing to them.
  • Paper collar - you can visit our centre to get a paper collar or download a copy here and print it out. (Thin card is less likely to rip off). Write your details on the collar and put the collar on the cat. If this cat is owned, the owner is likely to see him/her within 48 hours and hopefully will get in touch with you to reassure you it is owned. If after a few days you haven't heard from an owner and you have tried all of the suggestions listed, then please phone us (03 5729156), Mon-Sat from 10am-4pm or Sun from 10am-2pm) for further advice.

Please remember that cats have large home ranges so it is natural for them to roam around the neighbourhood.

If you still have any questions or queries, please contact us directly.

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