Marlborough SPCA: Foxes Island Road, Renwick. Phone: 03 572 9156 Email

Found a tabby female kitten 24/2/17 at Islington Gardens about 4 weeks old:


Kitten found on the 7/2/17 at pollard park white female AID# 86995. Please call the centre on 5729156 if you recognise this kitten:


Found at Marlborough SPCA op shop, a female adult torbi cat with a ginger kitten. AID# 91643, please call the centre on 5729156 if you recognise this cat:


Found McKenzie Street, Blenheim. Adult male tabby long haired cat. Has been hanging around the area for a while, very friendly:


AID# 90285 - Adult, female, full tabby cat found in Riversdale. A wee bit hand shy but not timid of people:


AID# 89693 - Adult, female black and white cat found near Havelock at camp ground on SH6. Very friendly:


AID#'s 91089 - 91092: Four female kittens (three tabby and one black) found on the porch of the SPCA at 10am on Thursday 23.03.17. All very friendly and in very good condition:



AID# 91116 - Female calico short haired kitten and AID# 91117 - Male long haired tabby kitten. Both very friendly, found together on Paynters Road, in good condition:



AID# 90702 - Found on Utawai Vineyard in the Redwood Pass, very friendly 6 week old tabby kitten.:


If you know who those cats and kittens may belong to please call the centre on 03 5729156.

Found a male entire black and white adult cat, Witherlea Road end of Scott Street, AID# 90614.  The cat has passed away at the vets but to contact the centre for further information, please call the centre on 5729156.

AID#'s 90424 - 90428: Mixed group of eight week old tabby kittens, four female and one male. Found in central Blenheim. All very friendly. If you know who these kittens belong to please call the centre on 03 5729156:




Lost and Found Pets

If you have lost or found a pet - please call the centre at 03 572 9156 and check that its not been brought there. 

If you are missing your dog please call 520 9033.  

You should should also call More FM (579 0393) and/or Classic Hits (578 0129) - they do 'Pet Patrols" twice a day and will broadcast the details of your pet.

The Marlborough Express will publish found animals free of charge phone 520 8918.(There is a charge for lost animals)

You should also look or list a pet on Use the advanced search option for ease of use.

If you suspect you have found a stray cat - please ask your neighbours.  Then consider putting a paper collar with a message on the cat (only if healthy and friendly).  Paper collars are good because the cat can tear them off if it gets stuck up a tree or its paw gets caught in the collar.  Its a temporary collar which should stay on long enough for an owner (if any) to contact you.

Here is a template for a collar you can make at home.

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The Marlborough SPCA is located 12 kms from Blenheim on the far side of Renwick. The street address is Foxes Island Road, Renwick, 7243. Look for the Forrest Estate Winery signage just before Foxes Island Road. Our opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm
Phone: 03 572 9156
After hours emergency number: 027 201 9016