Become A Sponsor

Can your company help us to save lives?

Your workplace can make a big contribution to our organisation by becoming one of our valued corporate supporters. You can help save lives while you work! We receive no government funding, so always need donations of money, goods and services.

There are several ways you can be involved, including;

  • Corporate Sponsorship Packages
    We are currently developing a variety of sponsorship packages with a range of benefits to suit businesses of all sizes. Packages will include 'cash' and 'in-kind' donations, (e.g. goods and services). Aligning with SPCA Marlborough can be a great way to gain local support for your product or service while also increasing your exposure and profile.
  • Payroll Giving
    This enables employees to donate to our organisation directly from their pay and claim an immediate tax credit via PAYE. This is a great way to make an on-going contribution to the animals of Marlborough.
  • Corporate Fundraising
    Encouraging your employees/colleagues to fundraise is an enjoyable way to get others involved while also highlighting the need to support SPCA. You decide what event might best suit your organisation, then download and complete our online fundraising form. Some great ideas are;
    -  Have a casual/mufti day with a gold coin donation.
    -  Collecting donations of blankets, pet food and toys.
    -  Bring a pet to work day with a gold coin donation.
    -  Organise a social event, perhaps a fun run/walk that might include pets and an entry fee.
  • Volunteer Support
    We often need volunteers to help out with odd jobs around our Animal Centre, and/or support for upcoming fundraising events. Whether you volunteer as an individual, or as part of a work group, your support is much appreciated.
  • Donation Boxes
    If you have a busy sales counter or reception area, we have small lockable perspex donation boxes available for display. When your box is full, simply phone us (our contact details are listed on the back of the box) and we will come and empty it for you. This is a really easy way to raise funds and also allows you to showcase your support for our organisation.

Click here if you would like to view our list of current 'sponsors' and 'friends'.

If you think you can help, please complete the form below. Our animals and staff really appreciate your support!

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